Mothers Day Poster 2017

Treasured Moments – Part 1


In our life,we may go through various life transitions, for some Death, Divorce/Separation or Dislocation may be some of the challenges we face as a family or individual.

EBC self storage presents a series of short videos where a family undergoes turbulent changes in their lives. Will they prevail and overcome them?

Storing things may seem inconsequential, yet at times, the smallest of things could have a profound impact on our lives. Are the things stored just rubbish which we can’t bear to throw? Or memories for us to treasure?

With these questions in mind, EBC self storage presents Part 1 of 3 series of short videos where a family undergoes turbulent changes which other people too…might face, at some point in their lives.

Join us on this journey while we attempt to tell the untold stories of the various emotions that come about when people chose to store things while bringing awareness to a cause.

To know more about the Brain Tumor society

September: One of our social outreaches in the month of September was having a Children’s Day Program for the lovely kids under Daybreak Student Care managed by Methodist Welfare Services. As the centre was closed during Children’s Day, we had a pre-celebration on the 26th September.

We had such a meaningful day volunteering our time there.

The program was co sponsored by EBC and a few other sponsors. The kids had a good time participating in the art and craft session with our volunteers.

We like to thank all sponsors for their generousity as well as participating vendors who have helped us in making the program a successful one.