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Size Estimator

Locker-Size Storage Unit – Approximately 10 square feet

Room_Size_A copy

Small-Size Storage Unit – From 15 to 40 square feet

Room_Size_B 2

Medium-Size Storage Unit – From 40 to 70 square feet

Room_Size_C 2

Large-Size Storage Unit – From 70 to 100 square feet

Room_Size_D 2

Jumbo-Size Storage Unit – From 100 to 130 square feet

Room_Size_E 2

Box Dimensions

Small Box - 17‘’ x 13’‘ x 13’’


Medium Box - 18‘’ x 18’‘ x 16’’


Large Box - 18‘’ x 18’‘ x 24’’


Please Note: The Size Estimator is for reference only and items listed for storage may vary in sizes from different manufacturers.

Click on the space that you require and the size chart will display typical items that would fit into the storage space. Using this visual gauge, you will be able to pick the right amount of room for your valuables and belongings.

Don’t fret about upgrading! It can be done any time based on availability. To get started, get a quote from us!

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Sam Abey

“Pricing is competitive! EBC Self-Storage facilities are clean and dry and I have access 24/7. The garden and clubhouse on the 5th floor is a great place to rest.”

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“I moved to Hong Kong for a job two years ago and my belongings are still in the same condition as I left them. Just wonderful! I will recommend EBC to my friends who are making the job hop”

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